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Before you ask a question by e-mail please read these FAQs.


Where are all these product entries coming from?

Mostly the manucfacturers itselves have entered the products here.

For that reason the shown data is most up-to-date.

Who administrates the EQDB?

The German Association of Grips & Electricians (Bundesverband Beleuchtung & Buehne e.V.), short BVB.

Because the BVB is a non-profit organisation it is our goal to improve the work of the film crew using e.g. the EQDB.

Who may use the Equipment database?

Anyone, who accepts the Tems of use may use the EQDB of the BVB.

I am not able to log in using the Internet Explorer

Microsoft´s Internet Explorer is not supported for login. We recommend the latest browsers Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

How can I see in which category I am?

Right underneath the main menu is the breadcrump.

If you have used the category filter before you need to go to the product details view.  

I´d like to place my products in this directory!

To place products in the EQDB provided that you become a patron member of the German Association of Grips & Electricians (Bundesverband Beleuchtung & Buehne e.V.), short BVB. 

As a non-profit organisation the membership fee is low. Please find out more and contact Olaf Michalke.

How many products may I enter as a patron member?

The maximum number of entries depends on the yearly fee.

contact Olaf Michalke

How can I report faulty entries?

contact Olaf Michalke

Who may rate the products?

Everybody. Please register to make a review. 

How can I review products?

Log in. If do not have an account yet please register.

My review is not visible!

IN order to avoid spam a moderator will check your review.
As soon as it is published you wil get an e-mail.

Dummy stehen lassen!

Fehlt eine FAQ? Bitte einfach mailen.