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The idea of the equipment database EQDB

The equipment database (EQDB) is more than a unique film gear directory.

It´s a supporting tool for all gaffers, Keygrips, DoPs, rental houses or even distributors and manufactures to get the best equipment available for the loading list, shopping list or simply wishlist you are able to create here for free.


Rate and review

Based on the product specs provided mostly by the manufacturers every film gear can be rated.
Your review may help users and rental houses to get the best equipment for their needs.

And, the manufacturers have the opportunity to improve their products.
Thus, please, do not hesitate to place your review!


Create loading lists

for your project or your planned equipment purchase.
Because of new product releases/updates entered by the manufacturers the EQDB provides the most up to date directory.

A loading list calculates the total weight of your equipment selection based on the weight and number of products. 

Why should every filmmaker create his own list locally stored?


Technical data

This directory for products of the lighting and grip department provides the most simple way to browse specifications, downloads and more.

It is not necessary to search for the products on many different websites. Most entries have a link to the manufacturer´s website.


Optimize your workflow

The EQDB can simplify the process of selecting the most suitable equipment, it saves precious time.

This website is optimized for use on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Please find here which manufacturers have placed their products in the EQDB.